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Empowering Learners with First Week Projects

At New Tech High @ Coppell, the school year begins with a sort of induction period for our learners. During this time, learners are put in grade level groups for first week projects and they also spend time in what will become their networking groups for the year. Networking groups are comprised of students from all grade levels and help to create the unique family atmosphere that exists at NTH@C. This week's blog spotlight is about our first week projects from two perspectives. Next week, we will feature some of our seniors and their community partner projects.
The Facilitator Perspectiveby Mr. Kolby Kerr, Senior English Facilitator, NTH@C
Senior year is special—it’s the year when it’s finally all about you.  At NTH@C, learners hear a different message.  During the first three days of school, learners participate in a first week project before diving into their content courses.  It’s a way to re-engage in our project-based process and start the year by making a real impact in the c…